Laboratory Supplies

Scalpel Blades

Series 300
Stainless Steel, sterile, individual sealed blades, to fit
handles #3, #3L, #4, #4L and #7. 
 320-001 scalpel blade 320-001   320-002 scalpel blade 320-002
  320-003 scalpel blade 320-003  320-005 scalpel blade 320-005
 320-011 scalpel blade 320-011  320-012 scalpel blade 320-012
 320-013 scalpel blade 320-013  320-014 scalpel blade 320-014
 320-015 scalpel blade 320-015  

Glass Beads

Glass Ball - Solid Soda Lime #3000
Chemical Resistant Glass Balls
Packaging: One pound plastic jars

Glass Ball - Solid Borosilicate
Packaging: One pound plastic jars

Glass Ball - Perforated Soda Lime #4000
Chemical Resistant Glass Balls
Packaging: One pound plastic jars

Glass Ball - Colored Soda Lime #3000
The resistance against water and acid is sufficient.      
Packaging: One pound plastic jars

Watch Glasses Series 100
Concave clear annealed glass covers.
Used to return condensation to beakers.
Has fired-polished edges.

Wall Clocks

Large, easy-to-read numerals, with protective plastic lens cover. Full sweep, red second hand.
wall clock
760-001 Electric 12in
760-050 Quartz 12in

Tool Kit

780-015  - 15 piece tool kit.
Contents: 781-005, Jewelers Screwdriver 1.6; 781-035, 3 Inch Screwdriver; 781-040, 4 Inch Screwdriver; 781-060, 6 Inch Screwdriver; 781-086, Philips Driver #1; 781-160, Offset Screwdriver; 782-004, Slip Joint Pliers; 782-020, Long Nose Pliers; 782-085, Pump Pliers; 783-010, Hex Key Set; 783-060, Adjustable Wrench; 785-100, Mini Flashlite; 785-100AA, 2 ea. Alkaline Batteries AA; 785-120, Pocket Oiler 1/4 oz.; 785-125, Contact Tool
tool kit


750-001 Electric table model lamp. The arm is offset to allow direct placement of items to be heated or dried. On/off switch is on the base. UL Approved. 115V.
Includes one (1) 250-Watt infrared bulb.
table lamp

Medicine Eyedropper

3" staright tip glass dropper with black rubber bulb
medicine eyefropper 330-005-4

Measuring Devices

Tally Counters 4-Digit
Hand or Desk Counters Available
hand talley 600Adesk talley 600B
600A - Hand  Chrome plate, equipped with finger ring. Recording lever and reset knob for easy hand use
600B - Desk Chrome plated, with flange (2 1/4" diameter - 57 mm) for desktop mounting, with recording lever and reset knob.

Metric English Scale Micrometers in Padded Plastic Case.
micrometer 601B
601A  Calibrated to read 0 to 25 mm, in 0.01 mm divisions
601B Calibrated to read 0 to 1 Inch, in 0.001 inch. divisions

Double Scale Vernier Caliper
Inch Scale: Reading from 0 to 5" in 1/16" divisions. Metric Scale: Reading from 0 to 120 mm in 1 mm divisions. Readable on the vernier scale to 1/128" and/or to 0.1 mm. Has roller adjustment and is packed in plastic case.
Vernier Caliper 602B 602C
602A Polished Steel
602B Nickel Plated Steel
602C Plastic

Steel Ruler
Stainless steel ruler. 1 millimeter thick - 1 centimeter wide - 1 decimeter long. Its volume is 1 cubic centimeter and its weight in grams is the specific gravity. One edge is graduated in millimeters.
Steel Ruler 605-060
605-060 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Flexible Rulers
Metric and inch rulers with black etched graduations.
flexible ruler 605-065, 605-070
605-065 6 in 150 mm Stainless Steel
605-070 12 in 300 mm Stainless Steel

Meter Sticks - Wooden
Wooden meter sticks 1 1/8" (29 mm) wide and 1/4" (6 mm) thick with a clear lacquer finish
meter sticks
605-050 Width: 1 1/8 in 29 mm Thickness: 1/4 in 6 mm Without Metal Tip
605-051 Width: 1 1/8 in 29 mm Thickness: 1/4 in 6 mm With Metal Tips

Agate Mortars & Pestles

Series 400
Octagonally shaped, thick walled agate mortar with pestle. Both have highly polished grinding surfaces.
Sizes from 25 mm O.D. to 150 mm O.D. 
agate pestle & mortar

Rubber Items

 Eye Dropper eye dropper bulb  Syringesyringe bulb
 Gas Collecting
gas collecting bulb
atomizer bulb

Gas Bags
 Expansion Bags
gas expansion bags
 1 gal Gas Bags
gas bags

Gooch Tubing
Pure Gum Rubber Thin-Walled Tubing
Packaging: Two five foot lengths per package
Available from 7/8" W - 2" W.
gooch tubing

Pipette Fillers
Natural Rubber Bulb allows safe manual control of filling and discharging toxic liquids through pipette by finger pressure, thus avoiding mouth contact. To expel air from bulb press valve (A) while squeezing bulb. Release valve A. Draw liquid into bulb by depressing valve (S). To expel liquid depress valve (E). (Valves are stainless steel.) Autoclavable to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
pipette filler bulbs

Rubber Scrapers
 Straightstraight rubber scraper  Wing-Shapedwing shaped rubber scraper

 Item  Decription  O.D.
 209C  White Polythylene  3/8"
 209D  Metal  5/16"
 209E  Black Hard Rubber  3/8"
 290F  Wheel Control  3/8"


Precision Tweezers
Very Strong Pointstweezer 800 series
Super Fine Pointstweezer 800 series
Very Fine Points Long & Narrowtweezer 800 series
Flat Round Pointstweezer 800 series
Extra-Fine Straight Pointstweezer 800 series
Extra-Fine Curved Pointstweezer 800 series
Thick Very Sharp Pointstweezer 800 series
Small Very Sharp Pointstweezer 800 series
Very Sharp Pointstweezer 800 series

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